Tuesday, 24 April 2012

10 Post-WrestleMania Feuds To Reignite The Divas Division: Part Two - SmackDown

So, in part one of this article I ran through five feuds that could help breathe life back into the divas division. In this part, there will be five more angles, this time running on SmackDown.

As with the first set, I've come up with a basic story outline, and I'll be offering up a rough timeframe for each rivalry as well.

1. Layla vs. Tamina

Layla makes her return to WWE, attacking Tamina and costing her a match. The last WWE Womens champion then mocks Tamina, telling her to stop trying to be her father because she's nowhere near as good, only for Tamina to beat her in comprehensive fashion the following week. Layla demands a rematch, and gets her revenge when she beats Tamina through questionable methods. The two agree to face each other one more time, and Tamina eventually prevails, hitting the Superfly Splash after a long and closely fought contest.

2. The Rise of the Anti-Divas

Cue some new talent...

The Bella twins compete in a tag team match against a face pair (probably Alicia Fox & Kelly Kelly), who beat them. The face team are heading up the ramp, whilst Nikki & Brie argue in the ring, but then two young women come out of the crowd and attack the Bella's, beating them up before staring down at K2 & Foxy.

The following week, the two women reveal themselves to be Paige & Sofia Cortez. They announce that they are sick of the 'divas', who all prance around like models, giving women like them a bad name and providing a terrible example for young women, and they tell the divas that they plan to eliminate every single one of them, starting with the Bella's.

The two sides square up over the course of a few weeks in various combinations of singles bout, as well as in a tag team match, with the anti-divas coming out victorious every time. They announce that they will remain unbeaten because no diva can compete with a real woman, when two ladies appear, presumably wishing to challenge that fact...

3. The Anti-Divas vs. The Chickbusters

AJ & Kaitlyn come down to the ring and tell Paige & Sofia that, whilst they don't consider themselves 'divas' either, they think that attacking them all for no reason sets just as bad of an example as the one the anti-divas claim the divas set. This doesn't please Paige & Sofia, and they attack the Chickbusters, telling them that, whilst they may not have been divas when they joined WWE, they have been corrupted and so they will also be destroyed.

The rivalry goes on for a few weeks, featuring singles and tag team matches shared between the two sides, but in the end the anti-divas prevail once more. They declare their respect for the Chickbusters, who they see as being above the 'diva' label, but reiterate that the true anti-divas will always come out on top.

4. The Anti-Divas & Maxine vs. Kelly Kelly, Aksana & Alicia Fox

Maxine, now a regular part of the SmackDown roster, begins a rivalry with Alicia Fox, but keeps getting beaten. After yet another victory, Alicia Fox celebrates, but it suddenly ambushed by the anti-divas, and Maxine is revealed to be the newest anti-diva.

The three women embark on a brief series of attacks on Alicia, before she is finally backed up by Kelly Kelly & Aksana. The six women argue their sides of the 'diva' argument, whilst facing off in a variety of combinations over a period of weeks, with the anti-divas picking up a slight edge on the divas. The rivalry is settled in a six woman tag team match, in which the divas control a surprising amount of the match, only to lose in controversial fashion.

The anti-divas try to attack the three divas after the match, but all the divas in the locker room rush out in an overdue show of solidarity, and force Paige, Sofia & Maxine to retreat.

5. Paige vs. Layla

This angle could be used either side of Layla's angles on RAW (mentioned in my last post), and it could play out differently depending on which side it was used. Should it be squeezed in before then it would have to remain a singles feud, but if used after Layla's RAW feuds then it could possibly be turned it an 'Anti-Divas vs. LayCool' feud. Either way, here's how it would go down.

Layla picks up a victory on SmackDown, but the anti-divas ambush tactic comes into play again as Paige attacks Layla from behind. She tells the crowd that, now that the anti-divas have proved themselves to be far superior to the divas, she wants to prove that she is far superior to Layla, as the best English female in the WWE.

The two women battle in a series of very physical contests, and the option is there for LayCool to reform and compete against Paige & Sofia (this would be done, unsurprisingly, with a 2v1 attack on Layla, with Michelle McCool running down to save the day) at some point along the line. The final confrontation would either be another singles match, possibly with an added stipulation, or the first tag match between the two sides, depending on whether Michelle & Sofia were added to the feud, but either way Layla's side would win out, finally slowing the charge of the anti-divas and giving (a) Layla the momentum needed to start her work on RAW; or (b) LayCool a glorious reunion.


So there you have it. Ten angles that could help make the divas division relevant again before the end of the year, and also help introduce some of the young talent that could help spearhead a new wave of womens wrestling in WWE.

We're already seeing a few changes to the division on television, but I hope to see some more big (positive) changes over the next few months, as there is too much talent in the division and in FCW at present for things to carry on the way they have been lately.

We may not get the glory days of Trish, Lita, Molly et al back, but I truly believe we could end up with a product that's pretty close to that level, and that would be no less than we, and the women themselves, deserve.

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