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10 Post-WrestleMania Feuds To Reignite The Divas Division: Part One - RAW

Okay, so in my last post I said that I had come up with ten storylines that could revitalise the divas division - five for RAW, and five for SmackDown. Now is the time to take a look at my plans for RAW.

First of all, I should point out that these aren't rigid plans - I've just come up with an outline for the stories, and a vague timeframe based around PPV's. Anyway, here we go...


1. Eve vs. Natalya

Following on from Eve's win at WrestleMania (well, that's what would've happened in my world) she decides to try and take the Divas Championship from her WM28 partner Beth Phoenix. Natalya, however, comes to the same conclusion after some more mistreatment from Pin Up Strong partner Miss Phoenix.

The two women clash over who gets to face Beth, leading to a quick run of matches between the two to decide who the number one contender is. Eve comes out on top in this competition, and faces Beth at the next PPV, Extreme Rules, only to fall short.


2. Natalya vs. Beth

With Eve having failed in her quest to take the title from Beth Phoenix, Natalya steps forward to claim her title shot. However, she's told that she must once again prove that she deserves it by winning a number one contendership battle royale, where the winner will get a shot at the title at Over the Limit. In unsurpising fashion, Natalya does eventually prevail, only to be attacked after the match by Beth, breaking up Pin Up Strong once and for all.
The two women face off in some non-title singles matches & tag team contests, with both women matching each other throughout. With their rivalry becoming more intense every week, they agree that a clear winner is needed, and so the first ever Divas ladder match is announced. 

At Over the Limit, the two women put on a great show, but Beth eventually managed to retain once more. Clutching her title close to her chest, Beth celebrates in the ring, only for some familiar music to hit... 


3. Kharma vs. Beth

With Beth celebrating her win, Kharma makes her return, coming to the ring and staring down Beth, telling her that she's coming for the title.

Kharma destroys half of the roster in the coming weeks, with Beth avoiding any matches with her. During this period Beth throws the Bella's to Kharma, allowing her to get her revenge for their remarks when she announced she was pregnant. Eventually, it is decided that the two women need to face each other, so a title match is booked for No Way Out. Kharma vs Beth, in the first ever divas cage match. At No Way Out the two women finally go head-to-head in a match, and despite Beth's best efforts Kharma comes out on top, winning the title with an Implant Buster from the second rope. 

The rivalry doesn't end there, though. Having lost her precious title, Beth seeks to win it back, and recruits the Bella twins and Layla to help her overcome Kharma. Over the coming weeks, the four women attack Kharma during and after matches, before helping Beth cheat her way to the number one contender spot just in time for Money in the Bank. Kharma says that she'll give Beth her match, but only if it's 'last woman standing'. Beth obviously accepts. 

At MITB, the two women meet again, and Beth's stable interfere to try and help her incapacitate Kharma. In the end, though, she proves too strong, wiping out Beth's helpers before putting Beth through a table with an Implant Buster to retain her title. 

Beth, furious, turns on her allies, but one woman fights back...


4. Beth vs. Layla

When Beth lashes out at her former stablemates, Layla defends herself, attacking Beth and hitting her with a LayOut.

Beth responds by ambushing Layla during matches and interviews, causing Layla to respond in kind, triggering a series of brawls that are ended when the two women are booked in a match against each other at SummerSlam. 

PPV time, and the two women prepare to compete in a 'no disqualifications' match. After an evenly contested opening phase, Beth takes control, and looks to be about put Layla away when the Bella's - the other former stablemates of Beth - appear and attack the Glamazon. They, along with Layla, attack Phoenix, and Layla hits a Facelift through a table to end their rivalry.


5. Natalya vs. Kharma

After retaining against Beth at MITB, Kharma returned to trampling over the rest of the women on the roster, eventually turning heel when she takes out Kelly Kelly (this would also have the benefit of allowing K2 to be written off screen for a few months, giving her time to actually learn to wrestle). With all the women terrified, Natalya steps forward to challenge Kharma. The two women one up each other over the next few weeks, beating whoever is put in their way, and Natalya continues to stand up to Kharma, protecting a few divas from harm in the process.

Eventually, the two women are booked in a lumberjill match for the Divas Championship at Night of Champions, and the locker room ultimately gets their revenge when they all attack Kharma, allowing Natalya to pick up the victory and win the title. 


So there you go, that's a rough plan for how I'd book RAW, taking us all the way into September, and there are threads in there that could possibly even be followed up beyond that point, such as Kelly Kelly's return to the roster & feud with the woman who put her out, Kharma. 

Next time I'll reveal my final five angles, which will take place over on SmackDown.

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